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This baby was born with 4 legs, but a 6-hour surgery...

A just 10 month old girl born with four legs and two spines is recovering after a successful surgery. She was born in the...

This is what happens 30 Seconds before you die

Everyone says, your life will flash before your eyes. But the truth is we’ve never known what happens right before we die. Dr Cameron...




An engineer grows giant ice pyramids to store water in the...

An Engineers always proves to be a life saviors, this time Sonam Wangchuk, who has come up with an innovative way to provide fresh...


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A biodegradable, algae-based water bottle breaks down when it’s empty

The millions of tonnes of plastic being produced globally every year, the race is on to find environmentally friendly alternatives to things like water...

Developer creates web application for showing traffic aircraft around the world

Not always the planes were there to help humanity to move from side to side. Before people only traveled by land, the only...

World’s longest spiral escalator installed in a mall in Shanghai

It seems like that along with biggest skyscrapers and flags, a race has also begun on who-has-the-biggest-escalator in the world. Today we are going to show you the longest...