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Zeppelin And Cyclone are human powered vehicles that are pedalled like bicycles

Experimental design agency ‘The Future People’ has unveiled a prototype
for a hybrid electric and human powered ‘car’ at this year’s North
American International Auto Show in Detroit. The company has introduced
two new prototypes called ‘Zeppelin’and ‘Cyclone’.

The Future People aims to combine the weather protection and carrying
capacity of a car with the efficiency of a bicycle. The vehicle can
achieve a cruising speed of 25 miles per hour on flat ground using a
combination of human pedaling and an electric motor. 
The designer,
Cameron Van Dyke said, “These are concept cars in the true sense, they
propose an alternative set of values in relation to transportation. My
hope is to get people to imagine new possibilities for the way we
travel. The goal with Zeppelin was to find an ideal point at which a
bicycle and car could coexist within the same object.”
 The structure of the vehicle was created from lightweight materials
including aluminum and polycarbonate. The vehicle weighs 123kg. Two
riders sit side by side underneath the domed roof that hinges up from
the back. Each person has their own set of pedals while a 750 watt
electric motor offers a 20 mile range.
Even though it has
characteristics of both a bicycle and motor vehicle, it is legally a
bicycle which means neither a license nor insurance is required to
operate one.

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The second design is vintage inspired and is called ‘Cyclone’. It
features brushed aluminum details and an interior of leather and
mahogany. The Cyclone was created using boat-building techniques in
combination with bicycle technology. This vehicle is pedaled by two
riders and has the capacity to carry cargo as well as two additional
Van Dyke stated, “The Cyclone offers a concept for a future
vehicle, but it also poses questions about the history of automobile
culture itself – its values and its priorities.” Unfortunately, The
Future People’s concept vehicles are not in the market yet. Let’s see
when these amazing concepts find their way to the market!


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