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Your body does amazing things while you aren’t awake

We all are busy in our lives and proper sleep is very much necessary. But just because you’re not awake, doesn’t mean any process isn’t happening. For healthy next day, sleep activates the complex process while you’re asleep.

Jan Diehm, An Artist from the Huffington Post has presented this incredible infographic. You can see full size image here, which divide each sleep stage beautifully.
Scientists divide sleep into four stages and each full sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes for completion.
Stage One: It is the time between wake and slumber when it’s very easy for a person to wake you up. If you do wake up during this stage on, you’re
going to feel sleepy whole day.
Stage Two: According to Philip Gehrman, a psychiatry assistant professor from the University of Pennsylvania in the US, is the ‘average sleep’, where you spend about half the night. As Schocker describes this stage:

“Brain waves are slow (with some rapid bursts) and your heart rate
and blood pressure slow down and regulate. That means, for much of the
night, your heart and vascular system are getting a much-needed rest,
which might help to explain the many cardiovascular benefits of

Stage three: This is our deepest sleep, and it’s when our
brain waves transform into restorative, slow, high-amplitude waves, also called our slow-wave sleep. During this time our body functions slow down and
our bodies start repairing itself. It’s also the phase when people will sleep
walk, talk, or eat during this time.
REM sleep is the stage where we see vivid, imaginative dreams. Gehrman says, experts often call this the “paradoxical sleep” because the body is asleep but the brain performs like when you’re awake.

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Also at this stage you will experience Rapid Eye Movement, that’s why they named this stage as REM. During this stage, our gets paralyzed, also breathing and heart rate both starts varying rapidly.
The sleep cycles aren’t an exact science and may not be precisely the same from person to person or even night to night.


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