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You can play Pac-Man in Google Maps

For celebrating April Fool’s Day, Google Maps has changed your whole city into a big game of Pac-Man. All of a sudden, you’ll find the real world transformed into a classic arcade game.

To activate Pac-Man mode, zoom into any area on Google Maps with a lot of streets (New york streets would be a better option), and then hit the Pac-Man view on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. 
Google will analyze your map and use the roads to render a level. If the
location isn’t suitable for gameplay, Google will let you select a new
area. or you can just click “I am feeling lucky” button and in an instant you will be transferred and transported to an already existing pre-selected area. 
You are ready, set and good to go to play Pac-Man inside Google Maps immediately.

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You can also play on the Google Maps mobile app, but the game is only available in a few, iconic locations.
Science at its best.
Source: NextWeb