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World’s smallest arcade game system : Nanoarcade

Arcade machines were the best invention ever, don’t you all agree?
However, the only issue with them was perhaps the problem of
portability. The huge machines couldn’t be moved around easily and were
very bulky. Now we welcome the Nanoarcade, which is a classic arcade
machine with one minor difference; its size is 1/10th of the
original deal. 
The other great feature of this amazing invention is that
it doesn’t require any tablet or smartphone to work. Nanoarcade is capable of running any J2ME game. J2ME games are
Java-based games, for those of you who are not aware of this fact. 
Remember those games that came with phones before smartphones hit the
market? They were J2ME games. Although they are not the high quality and
advanced games, they are quite effective when it comes to offering an
experience that is totally retro.
Nanoarcade has been created by J2ME developers and the team has given
their word to include a number of games with each device. In fact, a
microUSB port has been included in the mix to allow copying any game
onto the device without any difficulty at all. 

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The device sports a retro
arcade-inspired joystick along with 6 buttons to enjoy the game. A coin
slot has been incorporated to give the real and authentic feeling of
It has been created by Eric Lin and is currently raising funds on
Kickstarter. The project started off with a goal of $30,000 and is
steadily working towards this target amount with almost 30 days left
till the campaign is over. Gamers can place order for a unit with a
pledge of $39. The gadget’s delivery is likely to start in April 2015.
Check out the youtube video below for more details:

Source: Youtube


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