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World’s longest spiral escalator installed in a mall in Shanghai


It seems like that along with biggest skyscrapers and flags, a race has
also begun on who-has-the-biggest-escalator in the world. Today we are
going to show you the longest spiral escalator that has been built in a shopping mall in Chinese city of Shanghai.
There are some angles to understanding this engineering marvel’s
usage.  In malls, the escalators are installed in tandem so if one wants
to go all the way, he has to cross half the length of the mall to the
next escalator which takes time and patience. This is a normal practice
used to forcefully promote shopaholic behavior among the shoppers. To
many people, it is a constant source of annoyance and nothing more.
this spiraling beauty however, you can skip all the levels you want and
arrive at the particular level you want to go to and even reach the top
directly. So this escalator is also aimed at reducing the inconvenience
of the customers.
The escalator is six stories high. It was installed by
Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric that has been in the escalator
business since 1985. They were the first to attempt such an audacious
escalator and as of now, no one else has joined the race. 
Building a curved escalator all the way to the top is a difficult skill
as Mitsubishi explains. The company stated that circular designs are
impractical as horizontal speed decreases as we move along a circular

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The company’s engineers employed the shift center method in which
the curve of the escalator is changed according to the degree of the
upward/downward gradient, thus providing smooth movement and constant
speed throughout. Check out the video below to have a sense of its


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