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World’s first Circular Smartphone: Runcible

Do you think smartphones have hit a plateau and they are just running
around in circles? If you do, then you have not heard about the Runcible
phone that has been introduced by Monohm – a startup based in San
Francisco. It qualifies as one of the most amazingly creative gadgets
and was on display at Mobile World Congress. It will be launched later
this year and shall definitely be a success.

The phone is about the size of a pocket watch and is circular in shape.
Once launched, users will be able to simply take the SIM card out of the
smartphone and insert it into Runcible for a simplified experience. It
has been shaped after the traditional pocket watch and a compact
compass. The change will be surely welcomed considering how big the
smartphones are becoming. The back cover sports a number of choices to
select from, such as copper, tin, wood, recycled plastic or ceramic.
The peculiar name of the gadget has been derived from a Victorian-era
word and is quite a strange name actually. The gadget operates on
Firefox OS and features a charging port, rear camera and will allow
users to attach a chain to it. 
Although the device resembles a pocket
watch, it can be used as a phone too. You can have it paired with a
Bluetooth earpiece and be able to attend calls directly, however, the
whole idea behind this gadget is to limit the information being thrown
at the user.
The user can only select 12 contacts who can be talked with from the
gadget while everyone else will go to voicemail. It won’t be alerting
you every time you get a Twitter or Facebook alert, however, it will
notify you subtly when significant activity is going on at these social
media platforms.

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Runcible comes with creative GPS directions as well; it will take you
via the most scenic route instead of taking you directly to the
location. The device features a lot of Easter Eggs that will have the
user occupied and entertained. The company has stated that the gadget
will be priced at the rate of an unlocked smartphone, which implies that
it will cost around $600.