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World’s first artificial leaf can generate oxygen by itself

Human race has always been fascinated by the idea of living on the moon
and other planets. However, the most crucial hurdle in such plans is the
absence of oxygen on such planets and that has led to some amazing
Julian Melchiorri is a scientists and artist who has unveiled a
synthetic leaf that can quite possibly transform the whole idea of space

The breathing lead has been created from chloroplasts (responsible
for photosynthesis) and is suspended in a body that has been made from
silk protein. The leaf will absorb CO2 and produce oxygen and organic compounds as long as water and visible light are available.

These leaves consume low energy, weight very less and are completely biological thus imparting minimal impact to space flights (or your living room for that matter). Melchiorri claims that the material could be used for a large scale as well. 
He further said, “It could be used for outdoor applications. So facades, ventilation systems. You can absorb air from outside, pass it through these biological filters and then bring oxygenated air inside.”

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