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Why people lie, according to science


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Lie plays an pretty important role in our life that makes us human beings. Almost all people lie, but they don’t want to admit it. People started lying from their childhood. 
Why we lie?
Kids first figure out how to lie as young as 2 years old, beginning off with dissents of blame and after that working their route up to white lies as a form of politeness as they develop.

So, Why we do it? 
According to RiAus’s A Week in Science, Researchers have related our routine of lying to our self-esteem. As soon as our confidence loose, we start making bigger and more complicated lies. But by making lies means, we risk deceiving not only those around us, but ourselves.
Experiments revealed that people actually lie without taking care of any results. They don’t realize what they are doing. Now we all know that people mostly lie online because its much easier to lie to unknowns and strangers.

Scientists observed that people are more likely to lie in an email exchange than on an instant messenger application like Whatsapp, Viber, Kik, Wechat and so on.

And what about online dating? I am sure in this case, women have been found to be slightly less truthful than men.
But who’s the most famous liar of them all? A teenager. Check this out at RiAus’s A Week in Science above.

Source: RiAus

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