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Why colours are better under the sea

All sexual connotations aside, Disney’s Sebastian the Crab said it best when he sung his little heart out about how everything’s better down where it’s wetter. If Sebastian was a real crab, he’d include this footage, captured by italian filmmaker Sandro Bocci aka Bolidesottomarino, in his pitch, because it shows just how much better it is under the sea.
But then things get super-creepy at 2:55, when you see what looks
like some kind of anemone consuming its food with a mouth that looks so
human, I suddenly feel like I’m watching a drugged-out version of Mulligrubs. When
it opens it mouth, it actually looks like it’s peeling back the
curtains from a window into a far-off galaxy. Someone wake me up from
this turquoise nightmare.

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The clip is part of a larger film shot by Bocci, called Porgrave,
that will be released later this year. “[It] shows the world of marine
animals, like corals and sponges, at high magnification and during a
long time-span through the timelapse,” Bocci says at his Vimeo page. “This is an infinitesimal part of the wonderful world in which we live, and of which we should take better care.”
Make sure you watch this on the biggest screen possible, what an amazing way to procrastinate your weekend away.
Source: SPLOID