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Tiny Cardboard Battery is like a Vitamin for your Smartphone

Some smartphone plans let you “top up” by purchasing extra data or
minutes should you run low before the end of the month, and this cool
concept battery applies a similar idea to battery power. 
Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a Red Dot Design Award-winning concept for a tiny cardboard capsule that could juice up your phone. It’s an environmentally friendly cell with a Micro USB or Lightning connector
attached to it, that would be sold in convenience stores. Called the Mini Power,
it would come in varying capacities, but advertised by the amount of
extra standby time it would provide – two hours, four hours, or six
While the external battery packs we’re familiar with are built around
Lithium Ion cells, the Mini Power uses a paper battery. Thin, light,
flexible, and tough, paper batteries do not contain heavy metals, cannot
overheat or explode, and are easily recycled. Once the Mini Power has
delivered its charge, the dead battery could be returned to the store
and put in for recycling.
 Its small size makes it very convenient, and could potentially be
purchased in a long strip, where chunks of power could be torn off and
used when needed. External battery packs are often quite  big and heavy,
but the Mini Power would disappear in a pocket or bag. 

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Battery packs
using disposable batteries have been around for a while, but the Mini
Power stands out thanks to its size, eco-friendly credentials, and
perhaps most importantly, very cool design.
Buy it, charge your phone, throw it in the recycling. The Mini Power
sounds almost too good to be true. Sadly, it is. The Mini Power is the
work of designer Tsung Chih-Hsien, and is a concept at the moment.
However, having picked up a win at the 2014 Red Dot Awards, there’s a
chance it may become a real product we can buy in the future.
Source: Fastcodesign