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Timeburner is a new watch that looks like a combustion engine

The Timeburner by Miki Eleta in collaboration with Marc Jenni was shown
at Baselworld 2015. It has been designed as a tribute to the early
combustion engines. The timepiece sports a time representation that is
based on piston and features an industrial look with a unique case.
It has been inspired from tack-tack sound of a motorcycle engine and
Bosnian cargo trains along with many other combustion engines. According
to the creator, the timepiece is a tribute to the combustion engines
from early 19th century.
Timeburner, as expected, features a bizarre yet unique approach to
display time. It comes with a small opening that has been incorporated
at the six o’clock position on dial where the passing of hours is
displayed. The window’s base has a small indicator that tells where the
time should be read from.
The minutes are displayed in even a more different way. The minutes are
governed by the piston located at the nine o’clock position where it
moves in and out to the left of the dial along a straight measure. 
piston’s rod via its direction, will direct the user if the minutes have
to be read from the top or bottom of the indication. When the rod
points down, the 0-30 minute line is to be used and if it is pointing up
you have to make use of 30-60 minute line.

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The case of the timepiece has been created from stainless steel and
measures in at 1.88inches across and sports 3 ATM water resistance. It
comes with a manual winding caliber located inside that is able to hold a
46 hour power stored in it as reserve.
Three colors will be launched with each 99 units for each color. There is no word pertaining to the pricing as of yet though. 


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