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This Machine Convert Feces (Poop) into Water, Electricity and Ash


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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was trying for so many years to find a technique to turn human waste i.e. poop into clean and delicious water. So that they can provide water to around 2.5 billions of people around there in the world who have to survive without water and diseases caused by poor sanitation kill around about 700,000 children every year.

Janicki Bioenergy Omniprocessor

With keeping this goal in mind,  The Engineer’s have produced a ingenious technology named as “Janicki Bioenergy Omniprocessor.” It converts untreatable human waste in the form of semi-solid slurry i.e. Sewage Sludge into ELECTRICITY, DRINKING WATER and ASH without taking any time. 

You can learn this technique and understand its working procedure from the video link given below, which is taken from Gates Notes.

One question may strike in your mind, that is this processed water safe for Drinking purposes ?
and the answer is YES. As we can see from the video, Bill Gates try this water that was human waste just a five minutes ago.

This Omniprocessor is independent unit in itself, so it can be used anywhere in this whole world. This project is also very useful for place without a proper sewer system. The latest model of this Omniprocessor have a capability to produce up to 86,000 liters of water everyday along with that 250 KW of electricity, if it has the human waste i.e. poop from 100,000 people put into it.
This means that now we don’t have to put human waste into rivers for the dumping purpose and we can save people from many dangerous diseases.
The next project of this Omniprocessor will be installed and tested in Dakar in Senegal. 
Bill Gates drinking the processed drinking water that was human waste just five minutes ago.

Yea it is delicious.

Source: GatesNotes

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