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This Jaguar XF cross Thames river on a high-wire


The Jaguar XF has pulled off some of the best publicity stunts in recent
memory. It was aimed at promoting the super luxury car’s incredible
balance and stability. This mind blowing act was planned across the
Canary Wharf, London.
At 18m height above the water, there were two metal wires of 34 mm
diameter hanging end-to-end. The Jaguar FX was driven on these thin
wires from one end to another. The total distance to covered was almost
240 m and it must have been a nervous, tense ride for the stuntman who
was none other than famous Hollywood daredevil Jim Dowdall. He took 3
minutes to navigate the car expertly across the wires.
Jim was visibly proud after this accomplishment of tremendous
proportions. He said he was no stranger to driving Jaguars at all as he
had driven many of them in different roles for the big screen but, never
before he had to demonstrate his driving skills in tight areas like
The general unpredictable nature of the suspending wires and the
resulting oscillations due to car movement and wind. It was simply all
about his experience, precision and control.

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Jaguar XF’s promotional campaign isn’t just out of the blue. It has
undergone significant upgrades from its predecessor as it 190 Kg lighter
and the company claims it to be 80 Kg lighter than any rival in its
The fuel consumption has  improved quite a lot as it uses 4
litre less per 100 Km than an average car. The emissions from the car
are also quite limited at 104 g/ Km of Carbon Dioxide. 
The company hopes
that that these major steps for promotion purposes will lead to better
customer profile of the company. These extra bucks for promotional
activities have been coming in more often since the takeover of Jaguar
by the Indian investment group.
Here is the complete video of the daring action:


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