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This Greenhouse collects water from air to water crops

For dry areas of the world in summer season, its very difficult to grow crops with rainwater. Another source of water for
collection can be dew. Roots Up has designed a greenhouse for use in dry and hot atmospheres that collects dew for irrigating the crops inside. 
As we know the collected water is meant for watering the crops
contained within the greenhouse. However, it can also be used as drinking
water if needed. So this greenhouse is basically has multifunctional purposes, grow food and produce water.
This greenhouse is very simple in construction and can be constructed by unskilled people using local source bamboos, a polycarbonate sheet, a bio-plastic sheet, ropes and a cistern water tank with simple tools.
The hot air is trapped inside and the temperature in the
greenhouse keep on rising throughout the whole day. The water starts evaporating due to heat inside the greenhouse and creating air humidity making the greenhouse atmosphere better
for plants’ growth along with maximizing the dew harvest. 
According to Roots Up, the amount of water that can be collected varies depending on the level of humidity in the atmosphere and the high region of Gondar the humidity is around 50 percent in the dry
season and estimates that up to 200 l (44 gal) of water a day can be

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The video below provides an explanation about how the greenhouse works:

 Sources: Roots Up, Indiegogo


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