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This alarm clock showers you with targeted beams of light and sound

In the 21st century, people shouldn’t wake up in the dark, lose sleep to
their partner’s alarm, or be jolted awake by a buzzer. It’s time to
rethink how we wake up. A team of mechanical and electrical engineers has really worked hard for developing this gadget. 
Lucera Labs brings highly targeted sounds mix with artificial sunrise to save your
significant other some valuable shut-eye, and perhaps even your
relationship. It is just launched on Kickstarter, Wakē joins a family of alarms that promise a gentle beginning of your morning routine.
Phillips is the first for replicating a sunrise in the bedroom in 2006, while many of other
have followed in the years since, and they haven’t been limited to just
conventional clock/lamp combos either.
The shape of this alarm is white-brick box that is mounted with wall above
the user’s bed. You just need to adjust the system in which side of the bed you sleep on and
equipped with an infrared sensor, it will find you in the morning using
your body heat as a guide. Then a warm, white LED light is beamed down
onto the area around your face to give you a feel of rising sun.

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A parametric speaker is used to deliver sounds to the user in
narrowly focused ultrasonic waves. Lucera Labs claims that this is
targeted enough to spare the other person in the bed from noisy
The Wakē system connects with iOS and Android smartphone apps over WiFi,
where users can adjust its settings that includes the side of
the bed you sleep on, what time you’d like to be woken up, the alarm
volume and the brightness of the light.
One more important feature of Wakē is that once it is done getting you up and
ready to take on the day, it turns its attention to your partner, quite
literally. It start scanning the bed for other resting
Source: Lucera Labs


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