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Tesla’s First Solar Powered Supercharger Is Being Set Up In California

Tesla Motors has been busy constructing DC fast-charging stations
throughout the United States and internationally. The original goal was
to provide electricity that was generated from solar power, however, so
far the electricity has been drawn from the traditional power grid.

has changed now since Tesla is busy constructing the first solar
powered supercharger in Rocklin, California. This station that is being
built will offer Tesla’s customers all facilities in a single location.
The structure will incorporate a showroom, service center along with a
row of Supercharger fast-charging stalls that shall house a huge
assembly of photovoltaic solar cells in charge of powering the entire
facility. There is another Supercharger site located 4 miles away from
Rocklin location at Roseville Galleria Mall.

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The freeway access, however, is not direct nor immediate. Therefore,
Tesla has added 8 Supercharger stalls about a minute away from the
Interstate 80 exchange at the Sierra College exit. Phil Haupt Electric
of Roseville, a local company, was given the task of working on this
project owing to the experience that this company has in electric
vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installation and maintenance.

Phil Haupt said, “I was very flattered to have our company selected
to do this installation and we used all local employees and even
purchased all of our materials locally.” Tesla’s Supercharger
installations are usually also carried out by companies that operate on
almost-national or wide regional basis in order to create these sites
one after the another through the state lines.

Tesla has always been talking about powering up the Superchargers via
solar energy and Rocklin location has taken the company’s claim further.
The roofs of the showroom and service area have been covered with
photovoltaic panels. The panels serve a dual purpose; they harness the
energy of sun while also providing shade from the Central Valley’s
scorching heat!