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Taking lot of Selfie’s can make you Psycho, Study says

Selfie is very well known term now a days. Almost every human being takes a lot of selfies in daily routine. The first Selfie was taken in October or November, 1839 by Robert Cornelius at the age of 30.

What is Selfie ?
Selfie is basically a self-portrait picture clicked with a hand-held digital camera or Smartphone camera. After taking they share it with their friends on social networking sites that includes facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, kik and so on. Most of the selfies are taken at arm’s length. 
However, a newly added accessory for taking selfies known as SELFIE STICK are being used now a days.

Is Selfie can be dangerous ?
Now you might started thinking, how can a selfie be dangerous ?
A new study from Ohio State University, Columbus proves that, “Men who take a lot of selfies and post them on social networking sites, might have some mild  Narcissism and Psychological issues.”
Researcher Jesse Fox observed the behavior regarding social media of 800 men age ranging from 18 to 40 in United States and examined that how many selfies they click and how much time they consume for editing it before going to post online.

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Also she found that the men who shared a bunch of selfies and spent a
long time on editing, scored high for narcissism and
self-objectification, whereas the men who simply posted
without editing them indicates a signs of psychopathy. 

The team is now going to proceed their research on further step, to examine this study on women also and compare the results with men.

Now think twice before taking selfie guys, Don’t say i didn’t warn you.


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