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This sunflower shaped solar panel system always follows the sun


Because of serious climate change in many countries across the globe including Dubai, India. They are moving towards use of clean and non-renewable energy sources and already has set up the solar plants to generate more power with the use of clean energy.

The technology is getting more advanced day by day and here Austria, Los Angeles have already replaced the traditional roof-bound solar panels with smartflower solar panels.

This smart solar panel is quite easy in installation, just like plug and play as you just need to pop it in your garden and screw it into the ground.

Besides giving decorative looks in your gardens and more easier to install, Smartflower POP claims that it can generate 40% more electricity per square meter than a rooftop solar system as it rotates on its axis to make sure it’s always directly facing the sun, just like a sunflower.

This system also enables it to provide a more consistent supply of electricity across the day, unlike the static solar panels where the output rises and falls according to the time of the day and sunlight intensity.

It has a diameter of 4.4 meters and a surface area of 18 meters squared. It is capable of generating over 4,000 kWh per year depending on the on where you live. The company offers the product through dealers in several countries, and while there’s no mention of the official price, it is estimated to cost around about £15,000.

Source: Dailyhunt


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