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Sony says no Lollipop for non-Xperia Z series owners

Sony Mobile hasn’t started to roll the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to
Xperia Z series owners yet, but we get asked almost daily what the plan
is for those who didn’t buy a Xperia Z series device last year. This
includes the Xperia C3, E1, E3, M2, M2 Aqua, T2 Ultra and T3. 

Sony has only ever formally communicated Android Lollipop plans for
Xperia Z series owners, without even a mention for those using other
handsets. Well the omens don’t look great as the official Sony Mobile
twitter channel has started to tell owners of non-Xperia Z series owners
that the Lollipop upgrade will be exclusive to Xperia Z owners only.

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There is still some hope for non Xperia Z series owners though as the
guys that run the social channels have not always been correct in the
past. However, we noticed this Lollipop message being communicated in
more than one tweet and given how definitive the message sounds, it all
seems a bit ominous for non-Xperia Z owners.