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Sony may give up Smartphone sectors and TVs

Currently the market Sony
is not as great as the company expected, the next goal is to increase
operating income by 25 times, this should happen in the next three years
and focusing mainly on the PlayStation division. Nevertheless, the news is not so good for fans of the company’s smartphone sector, as it can no longer manufacture mobile devices.

Kazuo Hirai, president of Sony, said that the new strategy can end up causing the departure of the company’s smartphones and TVs market.
In this Wednesday (18/2), Hirai revealed that the company may end up
investing in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtelevisions and smartphones, as the
competition is a big problem.
to Reuters information, the company’s decision was made after
discovering the decrease in profits of the current fiscal year, which
should make further lower by the end of March. It will be the sixth time that Sony enters negative in the industry in seven years.
The strategy that will begin in the next fiscal year will be held to increase the generation of profit and revenue. Exit the market (smartphones and TVs) can be part of the strategy, “Hirai said.  
has not confirmed that it will discontinue these two divisions, and did
not disclose information about the future of sectors. Just as the company sold its Vaio computer division in a while, there may be the same with smartphones and televisions sector; it is also possible partnership with other companies.

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