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Some Whales live more than 200 years, How?


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Bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus), mostly found at Arctic seas is the longest-lived mammal, possibly living over 200 years. These animals should possess protective molecular adaptations relevant to age-related diseases, particularly cancer.
Bowhead Whale
Even the Bowhead’s closest relative from the marine mammals, the much smaller Minke whale, is only able to live for about 50 years hardly.
From this we concluded that the whales in larger size (which have more than 1000 times as many
cells as humans) have yield some special natural techniques that
protect them against cancer and aging.
Now, To expose the secret behind their long age of these Bowhead Whales, Our Researchers has mapped the bowhead’s genome. The genome of a large marine mammal has been sequenced for the first time in history.
The team of scientists compared the whale’s genome with that of other nine mammals, which includes other marine mammals, rats, cows, and also human beings. They published this work in Cell Reports.

Their Comparative analysis reveals the secret about mutations in two genes, one that is thought to provide greater
resistance capability to cancer and is also linked to aging and DNA repair; the
other is involved with DNA repair only. 
Now after uncovering this secret, Our Researchers are thinking next to insert these genes into laboratory mice to observe if this experiment will be able to increase their lifespan and resistance to disease.

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