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Sharp the Sense of Smell without using Nose


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As far we know, Athletes and dancers enhance their performance by simply imagining themselves, by practicing physical skills on regular basis. Musicians also feels improvement after imagining their performance by itself.

Now, Professional smellers can also mentally enhance their game performance. Our Researchers asked a team of expertise to relate 47 chemicals that resembles with the commonly found odors like of Roses and Bananas.
Then for 10 days, a bunch of participants viewed pictures of 10 items they had sniffed and take one minute for each item scent to imagine.
When the Research team again examined the participant’s ability to recognize the chemical odors, those who have practiced “Olfactory Mental Imagery” performed four times better than without any kind of training.

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The Researchers published their work in Journal of Sensory Studies” recently.
Participants improved on much better scale when smell plastic and coriander, yet showed no enhancement in mushroom and rubber scents. 
Source: WileyOnline 

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