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Scientists invented Google Maps for the human body

In Google Maps, the “Earth” view help us to zoom from the heights of our
atmosphere to the tops of our houses or buildings, putting our place in the world in
dramatic perspective. The Engineers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia  have find out a new kind of imaging technology that helps you exploring human bodies down to the level of an particular cell.
UNSW, Australia
This could prove to be a game-changer for medicine, Researchers says. The zoomable tool Using Google algorithms lets us to zoom in and out from the scale of the whole joint down to the cellular level and this will help
researchers and doctors for better understanding the treatment of diseases.

“For the first time we have the ability to go from the whole body down
to how the cells are getting their nutrition and how this is all
connected,” Knothe Tate said in a statement. “This could open the door to as yet unknown new therapies and preventions.”

The Google Maps for the Body allows researchers to cut down the required time to study the human anatomy in exceptional detail. Right now, this human body map is allowing the team to examine how the cells and  different tissues
of the hip work together in their natural environment to establish a healthy joint. This type of research by conventional methods, would
have taken the team more than 25 years, but the technology has shortened
the time required to just a couple of weeks, explained Knothe Tate.
This technique is based on advanced electron microscope technique originally developed by German
optical and industrial measurement manufacturing company, Zeiss, to help
them inspect silicon wafers. The team also connected with the US-based Cleveland Clinic, and Brown
and Stanford Universities, and then worked with Google to integrate
their algorithms to obtain the hip joint data.

“These are terabyte-sized data sets, so the Google maps algorithms are
helping us take this tremendous amount of information and use it
effectively. They’re the traffic controllers, if you like,” said Knothe
Tate in the release.

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Although Google Maps for the
body is meant for medical research, the team hopes their technology
would be available for anyone interested in “cruising around” the human


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