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SanDisk unveils world’s first 200GB microSD card

Memory cards come in powers of two, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and so on. SanDisk
broke the mold – and the record – with a new 200GB microSD card. It’s a
follow-up to the to the first ever 128GB but offers 56% more storage.

That’s enough to record 20 hours of 1080p video.
Moving files won’t take nearly as long, the card is UHS-I rated and
can offers transfer speeds of 90MBps. That’s approximately 1,200 photos
moved per minute. 
The card is water proof, temperature proof (-25°C to 85°C / -13°F to
185°F), shock proof, magnet proof and even X-ray proof (in case you’re
photographing super villains or something).
The 200GB microSD card will become available worldwide in Q2 at $400.
That’s probably way over the price most stores will ask not long after
launch – the 128GB card is currently $100, having started at $130. It
was as low as $90 at one point.

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