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Rewritable Paper Made of Plastic can be used again and again


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We have already known to the word “Rewritable” basically it means using that substance for more than a single time like Rewritable compact disc (RW-CD), Now the paper can be made rewritable made of plastic and can be used over and over again to some limited number of cycles.

Every year, about 420 million tons of paper is being produced and this number is only increasing. Now in this highly technological world with rising advancement everyday, the use of paper would reduce. But we are not aware to.  
Chemists from the University of California, Riverside (UCR) taken a step to save a paper. The team has created a re-writable paper that can be printed on, erased and can be used again.
At present, this paper is useful for 20 cycles after which it must be disposed of. Contrasting this and the ordinary techniques, we print on paper, inevitably disposing of the paper furthermore need to discard the utilized printer cartridges. The UCR model rewritable paper is distinctive since it makes utilization of the chemical properties associated with the commercial inks – redox dyes.
The dyes are applied on the paper followed by the template being
placed onto it. The combination is exposed to UV light which bleaches
the uncovered area away, thus leaving us with only the print. To erase
the  printed image, the paper has to be subjected to a heat of 115 °C that makes
the paper blank again.
Professor Yadong Yin, professor of Chemistry at UCR said, “Actually for this sort of paper, warming to 115 °c represents no issue. In traditional laser printers, paper is as of now heated to 200 °c so as to get toner particles to attach to the paper surface. This rewritable paper does not require extra inks for printing, making it both monetarily and ecologically reasonable. It represents an attractive alternative to standard paper in meeting the increasing worldwide requirements for sustainability and ecological preservation.
The UCR paper is simply a rewritable media that has been made from glass or may be plastic film and is fit for holding the picture that has been printed onto it for a considerable period of time before it is removed by heating it to a suitable temperature. Discussing about the mix of colors that is generally utilized for printing, Professor Yin expressed, “The printed letters stay neat with high determination at surrounding conditions for more than three days i.e. long enough for practical applications, for example, reading daily papers. Better still, our rewritable paper is easy to make, has low generation expense, low harmfulness and low energy consumption. 

The chemist’s team is aiming to enhance the print cycles and is going for target of 100-cycle life span. They are also working on how to increase the time period for which the print is held. Professor Yin explained, “One way is to develop new photocatalyst nanoparticles that become
highly reductive when irradiated by ultraviolet light. We are exploring,
too, the possibility of multi-color printing. The design principle can
be extended to various commercial redox dyes to produce rewritable paper
capable of showing prints of different colors. All these efforts will
help increase the practical applications of the technology.”

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