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Pay for Shopping with the wave of a hand : Sensors on their fingers


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With Barclaycard’s Smart gloves,  Consumers can purchase items using sensors on their fingers.

Barclaycard’s gloves have built in small
contactless chip that can be linked to a credit or debit cards.
After Shopping we come up with a bunch of bags,  you have to pay out with fumbling hands while searching for your credit card, which ultimately lead your half of the purchase fallen on the ground.
For tackling this kind of problem, Barclaycard comes up with the solution for paying out, with just a wave of a hand.
Banks of United Kingdom are testing the prototype for “Tap and Pay” gloves that are helpful for customers to pay for items they purchased with just a swipe of their hand, same as they do with their credit cards.
In November, Nationwide Building Society introduced that now buyers can verify their bank balances using a watch on their wrist and the members who have installed a bank application in their smartphones, will be able to access their balance using their Android Wear smartwatch. Consumers can also set their watches to get daily notification that how much money is left in his/her account.
There is a small contactless chip which is directly linked to  debit or credit cards of the consumers. With these chips they can use to pay for transactions upto £20 ($31 or Rs. 2000).
According to Mr. Saunders, Now consumers like items that are easy to wear, trendy and have many features. This technology can also compatible with other wearings items like bracelets, handbags, hats etc.

Consumers can also wear the gloves while using their smartphones, because of touchscreen assistance. This is the latest move towards wearable technology. 
Source: MailOnline

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