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Nokia to make Android phones in 2016, R&D shifts to China


Recently we heard rumors
about alleged Nokia plans for re-entering the phone market in 2016. We
are happy to report those plans are indeed true and Nokia will be
marking its return next year with an Android smartphone.
Nokia sold its device business to Microsoft a year ago and it signed a
non-compete clause preventing the company from producing smartphones
under the Nokia brand until December 31, 2015 and feature phones under
the Nokia brand for a decade.
Nokia used wisely these non-compete clauses and outed the powerful Nokia N1
tablet early this year. The N1 is designed by Nokia, including its Z
Launcher for Android, but the rights for the branding, manufacturing,
marketing and distributions were licensed to Foxconn.

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The President of Nokia China confirmed Nokia is working on Android
powered smartphones, which will be probably manufactured in factories in
Sichuan, China (after further assessment) and will be launched in 2016.
He also sheds some light on company’s future – the Nokia’s R&D
center will permanently relocate to Sichuan, China.
Looking forward to Nokia’s next phone chapter? We certainly are. 


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