Home Technology No need to cleanup after pooping with this $10,000 Japanese toilet

No need to cleanup after pooping with this $10,000 Japanese toilet


Why will you buy this $10,000 toilet? Japanese loo-maker Toto, presenting $10,000 toilet bowl in the market that will clean up after you done with pooping and even you don’t have to touch a thing, except the remote control buttons.

It automatically opens, closes, and sanitizes itself after every use. The bowl is glazed with an “extraordinarily smooth” material, ionized water and ultraviolet light prevent anything nasty or smelly from growing. You need to scrub it much less often than with a normal toilet, Toto reps said.

No one is known better than the Japanese for their hygiene. A Japanese company TOTO, designing toilets for decades. They continuously trying to improve their toilet products with innovation and technology.

The bowl has a special zirconium coating that displays hydrophilic properties to eliminate waste and bacteria. The lid has an embedded UV light which along with the zirconium coating, causes the waste to decompose, so you do not have to clean up manually.

The lid is designed for automatically opening and closing with the use of sensors. There is a provision under the seat delivering soothing warm water to clean up. The heated seats have an embedded deodorizer and a drier at the bottom to dry you up after you are done. A control panel on the side lets you control the washlet.

It may be a perfect gadget to be placed in a palace, but for the rest of us, manual hygiene methods work just fine.

Source: PC Mag, Wonderful Engineering