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New injection pistol shoots the vaccine right into your muscle

Future is here, No we don’t need to use needles for injecting vaccine for flu in your arm. Yes, that’s
right, meet this amazing jet injector that is capable of shooting the
flu vaccine into your arm without using a needle. 
The jet injector has
been named as PharmaJet Needle-free Jet Injector and has been inspired
by the vaccination guns that have been in use since the 1960s as per the
US National Library of Medicine. The very first ones were powered by foot pumps or electricity and were
utilized for administering smallpox vaccines. In fact, they had a big
role in getting rid of the disease back then.  
However, as per National Library of Medicine, “Ultimately, the
bifurcated needle came to be preferred over the jet injector.” Since it
required only a quarter as much vaccine and turned out to be highly
reliable. However, the jet injector is back again and was approved by
the US Food and Drug Administration for flu vaccination in August 2014.

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Its working is very simple just by injecting the flu vaccine at pressures that are high enough
to allow a very fine stream of liquid to penetrate the patient’s skin
and enter the muscle. The patient merely feels a slight pressure along
with a small pop as the PharmaJet injects the flu vaccine. The US
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated only 16-84 persons can
get the vaccine as per the PharmaJet injector.


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