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A magic pen that guarantees passing an exam is selling by an Indian temple


Every student in the world feel stress during exam, rather if he or she’s an intelligent by mind or an average. Before going to exam, they pray to god for good results.

In India, Board exams are approaching and they have got students worried. A Gujarat temple claimed with 100% guarantee that there is a magic pen which will surely help students to get through these exams.

They are so confident of their claim that they will return your money if you still manage to fail the exam. Money back guarantee and stress-free exams, which student not want that?

Pamphlets have been found sticking on walls of Gujrat advertising the magic pen. The person (Hanuman sevak, means servant of the Hindu god Hanuman) behind this ad named Dushyant Bapuji who has claimed that this magical pen’s supernatural abilities were obtained after conducting a Hanuman Saraswati Yagya.

They are taregtting the students’ parents,more than students by asking questions like, “Do you want your child to pass his exams? Are you worried that your child may lose a year due to poor results? Do you wish for your child to pass his Class 8, 9, SSC, HSC or College exams?”

It is also noticed that this pen will relieve stress which will help students for scoring higher marks in their exams. So the phone is not only aimed at the students who barely pass, but it is also for the ones who want to score higher.

The magic pen, however, does not come cheap. It is priced at a $29, but on the bright side, there is a money back guarantee. You can also not buy the pen just like that, the temple asks for extensive details of the student, including a phone number, exam receipt, and even the student’s school or college ID.


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