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Jaasta E-Ink Keyboard changes symbols according to current application

Many keyboards today offer shortcuts and customizable keys that
can help speed things up when typing away on the computer. The Jaasta
e-ink keyboard has symbols that change depending on how you use the

E-ink has been embedded into the keys on the keyboard and it is
through this technology that the symbols are able to change. The keys
can change based on the language and the program or application that the
user is using at that time. 
It also comes with media keys, including
the typical mute, play, and volume controls so you have the capability
to control your TV-connected laptop from a 33 feet wireless range.
Jaasta can be configured so that keys that are used only rarely may be
assigned to other outputs. The designers claim that the keyboard comes
with a 12 month battery life.  
You no longer need to rely on your memory to use shortcuts. You
can trust your new keyboard to present the correct symbol for Photoshop,
Microsoft Work, Adobe Dreamweaver or any other application for that
Jaasta allows you to shift between any language you’re using to
any of 50 different languages instantly. The downside to this is that it
can take time to memorize these new symbols and become accustomed to

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Jaasta has also announced a “soundless mouse” that it says does
not have a clicking sound when the left and right buttons are pressed.
It is said to be ergonomically designed with a four-way scroll wheel,
features a Superspeed USB 3.0 port for flash drive, offers up to 64 GB
of internal memory, and has a battery life of two years. 
The Jaasta
E-Ink Keyboard will soon be available through a crowdfunding campaign
and is expected to sell for around $300 once it’s in production. There
are still a few hurdles the company needs to cross, so don’t go throwing
your keyboard in the trash just yet.   


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