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Imaginary Meal Pill helps you lose weight

In the list of New Year revolution’s, Losing weight is always being a first priority. So many people are suffering from overweight problems. For losing weight especially girls, they have to be on dieting and its always a difficult task for them. 
Imaginary Meal Pill
Californian scientists successfully discovered a new diet pill which tricks your body to feel like you just had a meal. Ronald Evans was the first person who claims that a certain drug can be made to fight against obesity. The name of the drug is fexaramine. This pill will make you feel like you have just taken a meal. That’s why it is called as ‘Imaginary Pill’.

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The Director, Gene expression laboratory at Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, Evans stated that the pill works as if you had just eaten food and induces bile acids required for digestion. Its an imaginary meal and sends out the same signals that normally happen when you eat a lot of food.”
Fexaramine activates the farensoid X receptor
(FXR), basically a protein that plays an important role in releasing bile acids from the
liver, digests food and stores fats and sugars. The most important characteristic of fexaramine is that it only functions in
the gut and does not dissolve into the blood like other diet drugs. Since it does not reach the bloodstream, it is likely to be safer
than other drugs and should decrease side effects efficiently.  
Our Researchers have only tried out this drug on mice.
Clinical trials are being set up that will test fexaramine’s
effectiveness in human patients.

Source: YouTube 


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