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How to Make a Rocket out of matchstick, paperclip and tin foil


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you ever wanted to launch a rocket ship into space? 

Unfortunately we
can’t help you with that, but we can show you the next best thing – how
to build your own matchstick rocket at home, thanks to this video by Dave Hax.

Today, Now its your turn to be a Rocket Scientist.
I will tell you how to make a Mini Rocket at your home. 


1. Start by the cutting the head off a match.
2. Take a piece of  thin aluminum foil paper. 
3. Place a Match stick and Head, one on the top of other on that cutting foil paper and roll it up, leaving a tightly wrapped gap at the end.
4. Then you slide the base of the matchstick out of the rocket and place the whole thing onto a hand-crafted paperclip stand.
5. Finally, pinch the foil beneath the match head and hold a long-handled
lighter under the match head. If all goes to plan, it’ll pop and fire up
into the air around a metre.
Hopefully this goes well, but make sure you wear safety
glasses and don’t, you know, aim the rocket at your face or anything
else flammable or fragile. 

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