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How Birds are Responsible for Plane Crashes?


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Everyday some of the birds died by crashing with the Airplane. This is increasingly serious problem today. The results of these accidents are very dangerous. Its very difficult for our Researchers to  conduct field experiments for the investigation of this kind of problem. 
The former Navy Pilot and aviation professor at the
Massachusetts Institute of Engineering, Mary Cummings said,”From last
few years, Birds striking against airplanes becomes a severe problem”.
Experts says that Birds colliding with planes are now a days a serious problem. They cause an approximately $500 Million damage to planes in a year. Since a year of 2000, almost more than 500 planes got damage by collisions with the birds.

From recent news, we have come to know that airplane of Southwest Airlines carrying near about 150+ passengers suddenly collides with two birds while taking off. One of the birds suddenly force into a narrow space between landing gear, with taking care of this problem, Pilot have no choice rather than emergency landing. 
So after this incident, one important question rises. 
Why these birds don’t get out of the way when a big metal airplane rushes at them ?
So with these problems, Our wildlife researchers sets an experimental setup in their lab to overcome this situation.
They thought to play a different videos of trucks approaching them at different speeds ranging from 50 to 350 kilometers per hour towards the birds in a closed compartment or we can say a chamber and studied the behavior of the birds.

The researchers observed from their experiment that cowbirds immediately played attention to the distance between them and trucks. They always started flying away from the truck when it reaches about 30 meters to them. They published this research in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
But still there is a more scope of this study, they also want to observe in future, Will other birds and animals behave in a similar fashion like this brown headed birds.

Researchers also suggest to use light lamps at front of the plane so that birds get alert and immediately flew away from the way of plane.

Source: ScienceMag

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