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Heart Health Monitoring Skin Patch


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As we know that wearable technology is begin to rise with the popularity in smart watches and fitness monitors. Now the next up in the wearable technology is ‘Skin-like’ diagnostics. This skin like gadget can also be able to monitor the health of your heart.
John A. Rogers at University of Illinois
Li Gao, Yihui Zhang & Viktor Malyarchuk design a ultrathin, flexible skin-like, or ‘epidermal’, photonic device of 5 cm sq. that combines colorimetric temperature indicators with wireless
stretchable electronics for thermal measurements, monitors blood flow situated directly below, and also inform the changes in heart health, when softly laminated
on the skin surface. 
This small patch contains an array of 3600 tiny “Thermochromic” liquid crystal
devices that change color with the temperature. Imaging sensors and
computer algorithms then translate the pattern of colors into a
temperature profile, and a health report. Because the
patches can be worn 24/7, they could offer at-risk patients
around-the-clock health monitoring.
Source: Nature

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