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This is what would happen when all the ice on earth melts


It’s now unavoidable and inevitable fact the polar ice caps are melting at speeds much more faster than what scientist’s prediction. It is observed by NASA scientists by measuring and taking satellite pictures of the ever declining Arctic ice caps.

According to NASA, sea levels have been rising rapidly as the result of melted polar ice caps, the majority of which are situated in Antarctica and Greenland. These two regions have more than 75 percent of the world’s fresh water.

Unfortunately, the melting of the ice caps means beginning the process of rising sea levels and warming of the global temperature beyond limits including destruction and annihilation of the ecosystem and living beings of in the Arctic region.

In order to make people and the naysayers understand the seriousness of the situation, “The Science Guy” made an incredible video on YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE in which he talks about the devastation of the world in case all of the Arctic ice melted away.

There is a strong chance the earth beneath the caps will yield evidence of prehistoric eras. Ironically, it may have been a similar phenomena of hostile weather conditions that caused the mass extinction of thousands of earlier species.