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Google will give millions of dollars to professionals who hunt Chrome bugs

is one of the largest companies in the world, its products are state of
quality because the best industry professionals work in them.
However, the company also believes there are many great professionals
who are not on your list employees, so the company launched a new
competition to help your browser.

During the Pwnium conference Google revealed a tender for large developers who were present at the event. The company is offering millions of dollars for professionals hunt bugs and issues in Google Chrome, but now things are a little different.

The company revealed that will change a bit the Pwnium competition
scheme, rather than being an annual event for developers, will be an
“opportunity” for the world security enthusiasts. So even people across the planet can participate and try to win millions, not only those who are at the event.

means that developers will not need to register with the Pwnium
conference, and participate in it, now everything can be done remotely. Once the “bug hunters” find new problems, only accurately present the Reward Program for Google Chrome Vulnerability. After that, participants may have become eligible to earn money.

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To further promote the project, Google made ​​it clear that offers millions professionals who continue pointing errors. Once the problem is found and corrected, developers can already look for more bugs to continue earning rewards.


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