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Google can tell how much solar energy your roof can make


As we know fossil fuel resources are depleting day by day and we have to use renewable resources for our needs in future. Solar energy is one of them, to fulfill our daily needs. To setup a solar-power system in your home is a fairly complicated and difficult process.

Before you start installing solar panels on your roof, you need to figure out how much they’ll cost, how many you need, and how much money you need for this investment.

Google’s Project Sunroof can tell exactly how much you can save on electricity bills by installing photovoltaics on the roof based on Google Earth imagery.

The solar map of the US is interactive and makes use of Google Maps and Google Earth. The map is based on 3D modeling and machine learning interference for data configuration.

During the opening ceremony, the company said,“For every building included in the data, Project Sunroof calculates the amount of sunlight received by each portion of the roof over the course of a year, taking into account weather patterns, the position of the sun in the sky at different times of year, and shade from nearby obstructions like trees and tall buildings. Finally, the estimated sunlight is translated into energy production using industry standard models for solar installation performance.”

The project, which so far only covers the USA, aims to make it easier for homeowners to predict if installing solar panels is a worthwhile investment.

“People can come in and very quickly and very easily get a pretty sophisticated understanding of their solar potential and whether it makes sense for them to go solar,” Joel Conkling, a product manager for Project Sunroof, told Reuters.

The Project Sunroof reported that the best states to install solar panels include Hawaii, Arizona, and Nevada with a viability of over 90 percent. Of the entire analyzed rooftops, 79 percent were found perfect for solar panels.

According to Google,“If the top ten cities above reached their full rooftop solar potential, they’d produce enough energy to power 8 million homes across the US.”

The ultimate ambition of Project Sunroof is to provide such data globally.

In recent years, Google has invested nearly $2.5bn in clean energy wind and solar projects, according to the company’s corporate website.


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