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Google Android Auto : Android OS for Cars

Searching Master’s Google uncovered its Android OS for cars earlier in June 2014, although Apple’s CarPlay is already on its way. According to Google announcement earlier it was expected to be available by the end of 2014, the software is now dubbed as Google Android Auto. Reports suggest that company has planned to debut Android Auto in 2015 which may coincide with the launch of so-called Android M.  
Google Android Auto is a software that is embedded into the car
and users can enjoy all Internet features without connecting their
smartphones. The software may also be a hot topic for discussion in
upcoming CES and in fact the car featuring Android Auto might be
unveiled at CES 2015.

Though nothing has been officially declared by Google as of now, but may be Android Auto debut in 2015. Google has
already teamed up with Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Honda, GM, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford etc. to create
Open Automotive License and integrate every new car with Android OS.
CarPlay and Android Auto will project the smartphone apps on car’s screen.
Users would use Google’s services from the time they turn the engine
on. This allows Google to make extensive use of car’s camera, GPS,
entertainment system, fuel gauge etc. Google may use this information
for advertising, sources claim. The user will get information about GPS,
the frequently travelled route, fuel levels, speed etc.

However, it is believed that this won’t be as easy as it seems for
Google. The company may face technical and business challenges to
integrate software in automobiles. Also a source pointed out that
Android OS too will need improvements for this. The software should
start working immediately as soon as ignition is turned on without
delay. The user would be reluctant to use Android in car if it takes 30
seconds or so to turn on. Automakers may also be reluctant to give such a
prime spot in their luxury vehicle.
Check out the Google Android Auto in this video:
Source: Reuters


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