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Generating electricity from water pipes in Portland

Lucid Energy has designed the LucidPipe Power System that aims at
harnessing the flow of water occurring through the municipal pipelines
of big cities. The water is destined for a number of uses, however, its
flow can be primarily used for hydroelectric power. Portland, Oregon has
become the latest city to have installed this particular system.

LucidPipe basically replaces an existing stretch of gravity-fed
conventional pipeline, which is being used for the transportation of
water. When water makes its way through the pipe, it subsequently turns
an assembly of 4 turbines measuring 42 inches each that has been
connected to a generator located on the outside of the pipe. 
turbine’s presence doesn’t restrict the water flowing rate by any
considerable amount, so in a nutshell, the pipe’s efficiency remains
unchanged. The Portland system is worth 200kW and received its financing by
Harbourton Alternative Energy and had the installation completed at the
end of December, 2014. 

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As of now, the system is undergoing a number of
efficiency and reliability tests. These tests pertain to the sensors
along with the smart control system that has been incorporated into it.
The system will begin working at full power in March.
Once the functioning begins, it will be cranking about 1,100 megawatt
hours of energy annually that is enough for 150 homes. Over the course
of next 20 years it will also be able to generate almost $2million in
energy sales to the Portland General Electric. Harbourton has plans of
sharing this with the Portland Water Bureau and City of Portland in
order to cut down on operational costs. Once the project ends, the right
to purchase it outright will rest with Portland Water Bureau along with
the authority over all the energy being produced by the system.
LucidPipe Power System is one of its kind in Portland as of now. If
proven successful, others will definitely follow in its footsteps. Watch
the video below and share your thoughts with us.


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