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Future Winter Electric Clothes will turn your body into a furnace


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In this freezing cold temperature out there, like we are facing in these days now. Its pretty much difficult for us to survive and we cant sit in homes all day. To overcome this common problem, Many of the researchers working day and night to fabricate new fabrics. 
Yes, the future of winter clothes has arrived now. and it’s even pretty much cooler than enclose yourself in an electric blanket up to spring.

Scientists have fabricated a new type cloth that warms our body with just a little bit of electricity and traps body in a much better way than standard cotton fabric. They dipped the piece of standard cotton fabric in a silver nano particles solution, which develops a conductive grid inside a cloth. With the variation in the concentration of the solution, Researchers were able to maintain the particles spacing in the grid.

At last they succeeded to find a spot where fabric trapped nearly about 80 % of  the heat radiated from our bodies, although water molecules are still allowed to pass through. This research team will publish their work this month in Nano Letters.

For making these winter clothes comfortable, fabricated from this new fabric, they retains the breathing capability of the material. If there is an freezing cold, that we cant tolerate, electricity can help us an additional boost. This cloth observed to warms nearly about 40°C when provided with a power of 0.9 Volts of electricity.
They also observe that a person requiring indoor heat for a months of 4 months with average outdoor temperature at about 10°C could save 1000 kilowatt hours of energy on yearly basis by just wearing this nanocloth sweater at home. 

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