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Forget Fingerprints, Now Sweatprints are there


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Fingerprints are basically the tiny loops, whorls and various tiny patterns on every tip of finger. Fingerprints are caused due to the pressure on the baby’s small developing fingers in the womb of a mother. 
Kim et al., Nature Communications (2014)
In this world everybody comes into existence with unique fingerprints on their fingers. No one have the same fingerprints, however there is one in a 60 billion people chance that your fingerprint matches exactly the same with another human being.
Fingerprints are more unique instead of DNA. DNA is a genetic compound that is present in our body cells. However in case of twins the DNA may be same along with the same fingerprints. 
Fingerprinting is basically a type of Biometrics. Biometrics is a class of science that identifies the human beings with their physical characteristics. Fingerprints are best tool to analyze as they don’t even change with age of a person. They are very useful in recognizing criminals by matching them with their criminal record.
The material that changes its color in response to various factors like physical and chemical inputs, plays an important role in display, switch, sensors and memory devices. The physical one includes light, pressure, electric current, heat and so on, and chemical factors includes pH value, solvent type and so on.

But with more and more advancement in technology,  Scientists successfully fabricated a magic polymer known as Hydrochromic Polydiacetylenes (PDAs) that have special property of changing its color from blue to red permanently and also shows fluorescence when comes into contact with water. It also works with the small amount of moisture content coming from the micro-sized sweat pores in the fingertips of a human beings. The fingerprint rendered image with this technique is in much more detail.

The Scientists published their work in Nature communications. The sweat pore pattern on the fingertips of every individual is fixed, distinct and not even changing with time. With the mapping of this kind of fingerprints could be beneficial for forensic identification.

Future investigation on this work will tells us is this technique is useful or not.

Source: Nature

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