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Faster and more efficient, HTTP Protocol will be updated after 16 years

HTTP is a protocol adopted long ago, the Internet as many know was born that way and today we access this layer of communication.
The latest update of HTTP was launched in 1999, now finally the
Internet will gain an update that will improve all access to the world
wide web.

On Wednesday (18/2) was announced an update of the protocol which will now be called HTTP / 2.
It is not yet released, the novelty still need to go through a few
processes before launch, soon after begin to be used in various browsers
and web services.
The President of the IETF HTTP Working Group, Mark Nottingham, revealed the news in a publication on its official blog. This is the first update of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol since it was launched last in 1999.
In fact, the news is a customized version of the SPDY protocol, created by Google for some time. Customization is also adding several improvements; the result will be a more efficient and fast internet, both client-side accesses the network, the servers that provide access.
Google was one of the companies already revealed that will use the atualizção protocol, Google Chrome, and this should take place during this year.
Developers have revealed that they will not adhere to the HTTP / 2 if
the protocol is not released with encryption, and of course Nottingham
will meet the demands, so the update should leave a little safer

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