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Facebook will allow insert figures in the Timeline images

Facebook now allows you to add stickers on the photos before posting them from an iPhone or an Android device.
This news may please the selfies fans who like to enhance the images
and send the already everyday figurines social network, although it can
also irritate those who have allergies even sending pictures in the

Stickers had been launched in December, but it worked only to be sent through Messenger or comments. Those who like the feature just using third-party applications to apply in the photos.
Maybe that’s why Facebook would extend the possibilities.
Now you will see a small icon at the bottom of each image to be sent,
where the user can click to see all the pictures you can use. They are the same figures we already know the chat and can be resized, rotated, moved to another location, set the way you want or better adapt to the scenario. 

you do not like the result, you can delete the stickers, but look
before you post, since after sent the image will be too late.
The functionality is present in the application for iOS and Android.

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