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This ENS machine can suck pollution out of the air


As we know the dust particles in our environment is increasing day by day due to dangerous vehicle exhaust pollution. So, science and technology is upgrading now a days to fight against this serious problem.

This new air purification unit by Dutch company ENS technology will turn parking garages into ‘Lungs’ for cities.

This machine would absorb the fine dust particles that make up pollution and pass them through an electric field for ionizing them.

And making them coarse enough to eliminate the risk of inhaling them. The ventilation systems of underground parking garages could be the perfect spots for these mobile air purifiers.

Basically, they focused on parking garages because they have a very large density in a city center, but it could also be well applied. For example, in public buildings or large infrastructural works, street furniture, all that kind of existing infrastructure in the city.

ENS hopes to see these purification units in infrastructure like tunnels and train stations. So, cleaner cities might be on the horizon.

Have a look at this small video presentation by NowThis.

Credits: Now This Future 


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