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Don’t forget to find someone this Valentine’s Day

Life is very tough –  Let’s face it happily. As the most awkward day of the year approaches (that would be
Valentine’s Day, for those of you playing along at home), it’s not
unusual to reflect on whether or not we’ve made the right life

But wouldn’t it be nice if scientists had done the hard work for you and
studied a whole bunch of people throughout their lives to work out the
key to happiness? Well, actually, they already have, and the results are
in, as Vanessa explains in the latest episode of BrainCraft.
The Harvard Grant study began in 1938 and studied 268 male
undergraduate students for the next 70 years, which was pretty much
their entire lives.
The researchers measured plenty of psychological and physical traits during that time, such as personality, IQ, health.
accordingly, they also came up with a lot of results, including the
fact that the warmth of a man’s relationships is more important to their
success than their intelligence.
But when one of the lead researchers was asked what he thought the most important finding was, he answered:

“It was the capacity for intimate relations that predicted flourishing in all aspects of the men’s lives… happiness is love.”

importantly, love doesn’t necessarily mean marriage or a long
relationship with a partner. It can also be a relationship with family
or friends. In fact, the relationship men have with their mothers could
predict their future income and their mental health as they age.

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course, correlation doesn’t equal causation, but other scientists have
also gone on to measure whether there are factors in a relationship that
can predict whether a couple will break up or stay together. They found
that, surprisingly, they could actually see a physical difference
between couples that would go on to live happily ever after, and those
that wouldn’t.
What they discovered was that the key to
long-lasting relationships came down to two things. Of course, we don’t
want to give it all away – watch the episode of BrainCraft below to find out. 

Don’t forget to find someone to love this Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just a pet, or yourself.

Source: BrainCraft