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Disabled people can browse internet through eye movements: Eyecan+

Samsung has revealed an updated version of its eye-tracking mouse, known
as Eyecan+. The gadget makes use of innovative software and hardware to
enable people with disabilities to use Internet while giving them the
ability to write and edit documents.

It comes naturally to us and therefore, it is hard to imagine how using
computers for those with a disability or restricted movement can be a
big deal. Samsung’s Eyecan+ tackles this issue by enhancing
accessibility for such persons. The gadget allows the users to navigate
documents while also enabling them to use web without having to use the
traditional keyboard and mouse.
The gadget comprises of a box that is placed beneath the user’s display
and the user interface on the screen. The system calibrates itself for
the user’s eye movement wirelessly and then allows them to activate the
onscreen pop-up menu (selection of commands) by simply blinking at the

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The user interface comes with 18 unique commands that include zoom,
scroll, copy and paste while it is able to remember unique eye
characteristics, that is to say, the user needs to perform the eye
movement only once. The user can also add custom inputs and has control
over the sensitivity as well. The original EyeCan was revealed back in
2012, however, the latest installment comes with amazingly enhanced user
experience and improved eye tracking
Samsung has no plans of mass producing the gadget and shall be only
manufacturing limited number of Eyescan+ that will be shipped to charity
organizations. However, Samsung has kept the technology and design open
source to allow further development of this project.

So what do you think of this new gadget by Samsung?


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