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This delicious ice cream is made from food waste


The Portland-based Salt & Straw, small-batch ice cream institution is releasing a new series of flavors crafted exclusively from food wastage to save thousands of ponds of food in a month.

To draw more attention to its unique taste ice cream, Kim and Tyler Malek, the cousins behind Salt & Straw are already serving unusual flavor combinations. Their chocolate ice cream is laced with marshmallow fluff, and their strawberry holds hints of honey balsamic vinegar and black pepper are examples of them.

Salt & Straw taking food that would normally be thrown out because its lumpy or may be mishappen and turning it into tasty and delicious ice cream.

The new flavors like second-steeped rum spices and apple butter, are seasonal items and will only be sold on the west coast. But they are being used to bring attention to food wastage problem.

 Every year 40% of food in different countries is wasted, this initiative expressing creative ideas through which food can be rescued.

Salt & Straw is partnering with other organizations to save an estimated 2000 pounds of food.

“We were really struck by the idea that we waste 40% of our food in the United States, and that children in our cities are going hungry,” Kim Malek, who founded Salt & Straw in 2011, tells Fast Company.

Kim says. “We want to show that an apple might be kind of ugly, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfectly tasty and should be thrown away. We could use it.”

Tyler is in talks with the Portland Fruit Tree Project, which works with houses that grow fruit but don’t harvest it, about an ongoing collaboration; the organization is also selling to cider makers. “There’s money to be made in rescuing food; that’s the proof of concept,” Tyler says.

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