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Dancing Sand create unique patterns, Resonance Effect

In this Experiment, YouTuber brusspup sprinkles sand over a metal plate, which is attached to a speaker, and then increase the volume to bring the whole thing to life in pulsating, dance of unique patterns. 

Resonance Effect

Really this is an amazing and mesmerizing moment for the viewer. The secret behind this phenomenon is brilliance of science. This experiment is also famous by Chladni plate experiment.

According to YouTuber brusspup, this experiment require few things namely, a tone generator, a speaker and an attached metal plate. When you play a tone through speaker, specific frequency sets the plate into a vibration. With this vibration effect, a different different unique patterns formed depending upon the frequency of a tone.

Some of the regions will vibrate in a completely different directions, end up with regions of no vibration called as nodal lines. When you sprinkle more sand, the grains all “fall” into those areas, creating majestic art-like patterns.
You will observe from the video, the location of no vibration regions change as
the frequency varies resulting in a pulsating, resonance dance. Brusspup has recorded the patterns by playing different tones, and set the whole thing to music.
Watch the video below, take inspiration and try it. 

Source: Brusspup, YouTube

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